Omega Ward is a futuristic Story that will be using the Savage Worlds rule set.

Loosely based in a possible future. The players will find them selves waking up in a locked cell wearing unlabeled jump suits with no memory of who what or where they are.

All Players are to build a character concept. IE a sharp shooter or hand to hand specialist or hacker … you get the idea.

Due to the setting changes will be made to the base arcane backgrounds provided in the savage world reloaded core rule book, see below for more details. It is recommended that the deluxe version be used for all available./updated rules

Arcane background continued
Magic does not exist in Omega Ward. we will be using all available backgrounds to keep the system easy. here are some examples of character concepts and what backgrounds would be used

Cyborg: part man part machine. will have devices stored in they’re persons: see magic. still has three starting powers and 10 shared power points. these are devices that are installed into the player and use the player body’s bioelectric field to generate power. also may suffer back lash Pros. more starting powers may eventfully take every power in the game and if a power shorts out they are just shaken. cons low power points

Psionic: well yeah that is just like out of the book

Mutant: a being who has some form of alteration made to they’re DNA allowing them to do things others can’t. see superpowers. each power is treated as its own skill just like super powers but is taxing on the used thus the shared 20 power points. pros. don’t suffer ill effects when failing to activate. cons. vary hard to get new powers

Future tech: masters of making up things on the fly .. or just bat shit crazy inventor, either way they can take a broken pc terminal some gum and a paper clip and now have a plasma gun. just don’t ask how they do it … they are not crazy just the designs are. yup you got it weird science rules just remember they can be a bit unstable. Pros: most power points in the game, devices can be shared with other players. Cons: the devices can explode

Omega Ward